Sunday, March 15, 2009

Adding It All Up

I am grateful for growing numbers. Next June Pedro and Sonia and little sister Lily will be adding #2 baby girl to their lovely family. Next November Nicole and Todd will add to their twosome their first baby. Pedro and I will have a total of three grandchildren. Give Thanks. G-ma.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas day g-pa nurse helped others to keep their hearts healthy and I traveled up to Charlottsvill and was blessed to spend the day with Lily and her parents. One topic during the visit focused on getting older and how as we advance in age we are constantly are letting go of things that we have treasured in the past. I put out much less decorations for Christmas and our tree is twenty-four inches pre lighted that I just cover with a plastic bag and put in the closet for the rest of the year. I realized that I no longer spend time outside and gardening. I seem only to have energy to work and very limited extra cricular activities. It is more of a commitment every day to go foward and do what I can as well as I can and to be content. I am grateful for grace, faith, love and hope.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two More Days Untill Christmas

Christmas is the very best party celebrated each year. Four to six weeks to prepare, decorate and celebrate, the three F's, family, friends and food. Oh, and gifts too. This year I am grateful for the gift of the Birthday Baby that came in Grace and love.

Having a laugh or Digressing?

As of lately the surgery schedule at my small surgery center is light. It could be a reflection on the holiday season and as times are unraveling an indication of the state of the economy. I am off today due to the low senses, I could sit around, mope and watch my retirement fund shrink, or listen to the sound of silence as Pedro is in the sleep room and quite. However I have been having a LOL time. I got up to the 5th level of an internet game of the Sprout Family eating sprouts and exploding after too much flatulence invades their digestive system. Thank you Sonia. As much as I am enjoying this little activity, alas I must go exchange a purchase and will go have lunch with Nicole. I am grateful for family, a bright cold crisp day, that I live in the USA, and for the Hope of Christmas.


In November I went to Houston Texas to visit with my sister Lee and her family. I don't think everything in Texas is big, but it sure is spread out. Hailee and Demitirus my niece and nephew are budding theater actress and actors. I did not get to see a live production, however we watched dvds of Robin Hood and The Wizzard of OZ. Demitirus also is an up coming basketball player. He is a teriffic guard. We celebrated Christmas early. Family is a precious treasure.